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How It Works

Wedge MAXTRAX firmly against your tire tread, shift into your lowest gear, and gently accelerate. Once your tire’s tread grips onto the MAXTRAX teeth, you will have the grip needed to self-recover. MAXTRAX work by adding traction and lifting your vehicle UP and OUT of the bog!


Made 100% in Australia from a high-tech engineering-grade, fiber-reinforced nylon, MAXTRAX are as tough as can be. Eighty-eight durable teeth are specially engineered to interlock with your tire to give you the traction they need to get you out of sticky situations. Did we mention there’s a built-in shovel at each end, and SIX comfortable handles?

Easy To Mount

MAXTRAX feature patented keyholes which work with our genuine Mounting Pins to provide you a lockable, secure mount. We even partnered with all of the top roof rack manufacturers like Eezi-Awn, Front Runner, and Rhino Rack to give you a bolt on mounting solution when using our Mounting Pins. Have a rear-mounted spare tire? Check out our Rear Wheel Harness!

Developed By 4WD Enthusiasts

MAXTRAX was designed by experienced-4WD enthusiast and local Queensland guide book author Brad McCarthy with strength and ease-of-use in mind. It’s the safe, simple, quick, easy, effective and inexpensive method of vehicle recovery. MAXimum TRAXion on any terrain.


The Blog


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Range Rover Sport conquers the Empty Quarter

Range Rover Sport Conquers the Empty Quarter With MAXTRAX

To launch the brand-new Range Rover Sport in 2013, Land Rover pulled off a stunt like no-other—crossing the Empty Quarter, the world’s largest sand desert, in a production vehicle. The completely stock vehicle was equipped with only Land Rover’s high-tech traction aids, and a set of MAXTRAX incase they got stuck. (more…)